Marta del Grandi is an Italian jazz vocalist and songwriter.

She starts her music studies in Milan, Italy, and she gets her three years diploma in Jazz Vocals at “Civici Corsi di Jazz di Milano”, where she has the privilege to study with some Italian Jazz legends such as guitarist Franco Cerri and pianist Enrico Intra.

Then she attends one year of Jazz Vocals at Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan with teachers Diana Torto, Andrea Pozza, Giovanni Falzone, Tino Tracanna, Riccardo Luppi and Attilio Zanchi.

In 2012 she also gets a diploma in lyrics writing at C.E.T. Centro Europeo Toscolano, school founded by Mogol.

In 2012 she moves to Gent, Belgium, where she’s currently finishing her Master in Jazz Vocals under the guidance of amazing musicians like singer Chrystel Wautier and saxophone player Pierre Vaiana .

In 2011 she starts her own band “Marta DG 4et” and she applies to “Porsche Live Giovani e Jazz” Competition: the band wins the special Lucio Dalla’s prize and gets a second place too. After this contest a small tour around the North of Italy follow, and a release of the song “Tremolio” on the jazz magazine “Musica Jazz”.

After moving to Belgium Marta starts to be more and more interested in songwriting and she gets involved in new projects, from traditional to more experimental.

With the duo “A Clown’s Smirk”, project with the pianist Apollonio Maiello, she tours in Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

With the electronic project “+ C o l l e c t i v e” she wrote the soundtrack for the exhibition of Italian artist Alfredo Rapetti (Spazio Oberdan, Milano, June-Sept. 2013).

In July 2013 she performs with the band “Oogie” and with Becca Stevens on the main stage of Gent Jazz Festival, opening the shows of Stefano Bollani, Avishai Cohen and Madeleine Peiroux.

In August 2014 the first EP of her band Senza Rane (Marta/vocals, guit, compositions, Heleen Andriessen/piano, violin, compositions) is released.

From September to December 2014 Marta has been a teacher at KJC Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and at SPAK School of Performing Art Kathmandu, in Kathmandu, Nepal.
She had the chance to teach vocals, jazz improvisation, songwriting and musical theatre and to perform in all the music venue of the city.
She took this experience as a moment to song-write for her debut album that will be recorded in 2015 with her new band INVERTEBRATES (Artan Bukeshkaj/guit, Nils Vermeulen/dbass, Simon Raman/drums).


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