Marta del Grandi – vocals, compositions
Artan Buleshkaj – guitar, effects
Nils Vermeulen – double bass
Simon Raman – drums

INVERTEBRATES is the new project of the singer songwriter Marta del Grandi together with Artan Buleshkaj (guitar), Nils Vermeulen (doublebass) and Simon Raman (drums).
Marta writes songs that tell about her world through a delicate combination of music and lyrics and the band gives them a unique sound. Very diverse are Marta’s influences, among which are St. Vincent, Bjork, Emiliana Torrini, Sara Serpa, Rebecca Martin, Antony and the Johnsons, Ella Fitzgerald….

+C o l l e c t i v e

Marta del Grandi – vocals, guitar
Federica Furlani – viola, live electronics, backings
Carmen Canale – live elecrtonics, guitar, backings

The +C o l l e c t i v e consists of Carmen Canale, Federica Furlani and Marta del Grandi, three girls coming from different musical experiences and studies who met at a songwriting camp at C.E.T. (Centro Europeo Tuscolano).
They create music together mixing classical, jazz, pop and electronics.
Their first released work was “Music for an Exhibition”, written for the temporary exhibition of artist Alfredo Rappetti at Spazio Oberdan in Milan (18/07/13-15/09/13).



Senzarane filter
Marta del Grandi – vocals, guitar, frogs and eggs
Heleen Andriessen – piano, violin, glockenspiel and backing vocals

EP “The Taylor” released in August 2014
Available in streaming and free download here




Marta del Grandi – vocals
Apollonio Maiello – piano

The two musicians get to know each other at an international competition for young jazz players. A few months after that episode starts the collaboration that will lead to “A Clown’s Smirk”.
The project is based on a strong interplay between the two, that play an eclectic repertoire that includes original compositions, Brazilian and jazz standards and some pop hits, all rearranged in a special way.
That had their “debut” at Citadelic Fistival in Ghent in May 2013, and will had some more concerts in Italy, Germany and Switzerland between the summer and fall of 2013.




Marta del Grandi – vocals
Artan Buleshkaj – guitar
Kobe Boon – double bass
Simon Raman – drums

The band plays every Sunday evening at Club Reserva in Gent
They play standards from the Great American Songbook inspired by the amazing jazz legends.



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